Autobedrijf De Baaij – Namechange and repositioning

Together with Autobedrijf De Baaij (Previously Bosch Car service van Gool) we took on the adventure to successfully rename and reposition the organization.


Thijs de Baaij had been the proud owner of previously Bosch Car service for five years when he knocked on our door. In those five years it had become clear that a lot of things had changed. Thus the goal was:

The rebranding of the prior Bosch Car Service van Gool.

What did we do?

The entire branding process, from A to Z. Like with every branding process, we started with a strategic session and research. Who are the competitors? How do they behave? What makes them unique? What is the current identity? What direction does the organization want to go in? What do the target group and partners think about the organization? These are all questions that were answered in the process.

After we had a clear vision of the bigger picture, we pulled out all the brand models. Which steps should we take to arrive at the desired identity? Which strategy fits the best? What makes the organization unique? What story fits with the brand? Thanks to the filling in of these brand models, you have more than enough information for a strategy. After that, it gets more difficult, making decisions. What is relevant? How is the organization actually going to position itself? During this process, there were various concepts. From ‘at home at Thijs’ until the eventual concept ‘your safe haven for your car’. Autobedrijf de Baaij has a love for people. To really be there for people, that is what every individual within the organization thinks is most important. Customers that walk out of the door more than satisfied, that is what makes Autobedrijf de Baaij happy. Hospitality is lifted to a higher level. Is the car of a customer currently in their garage which this customer has to go somewhere? Autobedrijf de Baaij personally brings them to their destination.

From the repositioning and the strategy determination, adjustments were made to ‘the brand’. The brand was worked out from start to finish and presented in a Brand code. This is the storyline of the brand, to which you can always fall back. The base for all the brand expressions were developed, but also for the behavior of employees. From this foundation, all the brand expressions were developed. From graphic expressions, to online marketing, to web design. Examples of brand expressions could be considered as the house style, letterheads, look and feel of the building, advertising material, e-mail signatures, SEO, SEA, website etc. The name change with the coherent repositioning (the new identity, brand story, brand appearance and all the brand expressions) were launched during the race to become BOVAG car company of the year.


A strong brand with a relevant story and a proud entrepreneur and employees. If the repositioning was successful? It definitely was, Autobedrijf De Baaij was even in the final of Car Company of the year. Curious how this went?

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